Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ABA Day 3

Me and the St Louis Arch
The morning session went well but ended behind schedule. Janie and I ate lunch and then walked over to see the Arch. It is an amazing sight! We road the elevator to the top. A small boy in our tiny car held tight to both his mom's arm with one hand and to Janie's with the other. The observation deck was crowded. We stayed there just a few minutes and then took the tram back down. Outside of the Arch, as we stood at the base, I felt strange and kind of dizzy when I looked up at the top. It was worth the price and the museum beneath the arch was interesting.
Janie stayed in the room and worked while I attended the afternoon session. The missionary report was approved and the meeting got back on schedule. The camp report was good and everyone seemed happy with the new Pine Springs camp director. We finished the meeting only slightly behind schedule. I manned the booth from 4 to 6. We went out to eat though the parking is a big problem and a long story. We are now in the evening services. After the meeting tonight we will take the booth down. We plan to leave in the morning. It has been a good meeting and trip. God bless you.

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