Poems (updated 2/9/2020)

Paul Clark is the Pastor of Walnut Street Missionary Baptist Church. He enjoys pastoring the church and teaching from the Bible.  He met his wife, Janie, in 1973 when he moved from Ayer, Massachusetts to Henderson, Texas. He fell head over heels in love with her on July 11, 1973. They married in December of that year and have been happily married ever since.
Bro. Paul graduated from Kilgore College in 1979 with an Associate degree. He and Janie have 3 children and 17 grandchildren. He holds a Doctor's degree in Theology from Texas Baptist Institute where he earned his Bachelors and Masters degree.

Paul And Janie Clark May 14, 2017
He retired from Lebus Mfg. Co. in Longview, Texas after putting in 27 years there, 22 years as the Tool/Die Shop Foreman.  He retired at the end of 2002 and moved to Hillsboro, Texas to pastor full time.  He is Clerk of the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas, Registrar for Texas Youth Camp #4, and Clerk of the Navarro County Baptist Association.  He loves preaching the Word of God anytime and any place he can.  He likes to hike, camp, write poetry, play chess, sing, wood working, and spending time with his grandchildren. 

A collection of Poems written by Bro. Paul 

If I am to be insulted
by PEC

If I am to be insulted
Said I so clear and loud
I must value your opinion
of which you are so proud
It matters not to me
what a man may think
It's God's opinion that I value
for I care what He may think

If I am to be insulted
and have my feelings hurt
I must choose this course of action
and wallow in it's dirt
But I choose to walk with God
and do as He commands
and care not one little bit
about this world's demands

If I am to be insulted
and be held in distain
I'd rather it be for loving Jesus
and for trusting in His name
For it is no insult to be hated
by this world of sin
But rather a rejoicing

for I have peace within

by PEC

By their nature they're not real things that are fake
People of guile these things they do make
given to loved ones makes the heart ache
so give what is real for Heaven's sake

Love can be faked by someone of guile
deceiving its object but for a while
its put to the test when walked down the aisle
and journeyed with long mile after mile

True love will stand up to this test of time
ever revealing its reason and rhyme
it never complains nor does it whine
fake love of true is only a mime

Fake not your love neither your praise
show genuine love all of your days
bring glory to God with each loving phrase
helping others their eyes Godwards to raise

Heaven and Hell both are not fake
Heaven is bliss like eating cake
Hell is but torment a fiery lake

The decision is yours which will you take 

Give Me Two Wings

I went to God's throne my petitions in tow
this privilege on me my God did bestow
Great were my needs and my troubles not few
but when I got there I saw something quite new
Most often I come and its all about me
so completely blind to His glory you see
But the Spirit of God opened mine eyes
and this time I forgot my wants and my whys

My eyes circled round something else to behold
And quickly they found the seraphim bold
I found myself longing to be just like them
For they see the earth filled up to the brim
Everything in it brings Glory to God
Even those lying beneath it's black sod
Proclaiming God's glory all the house shaking
To be just like them my heart is now aching

I longed for and prayed Lord give me two wings
That they for my face might be coverings
Let me be hidden let none see my face
Let all those that look see only Your grace
Lord give me two wings to cover my feet
So they'll only see Your message so sweet
Lord give me two wings that I too may soar
and see only You and not me anymore

Lord give me these wings use me for to show
Your grace and your mercy that all men may know
The coal that was mine burned you and not me
that coal burning you set my soul free
Having two wings Your grace for to show
Having two wings with your message I go
Having two wings oh what a sight
The world is not dark it's filled with His Light

In life and in death there is God's glory
both sin and sadness shout out His story
Forgiveness and redemption are to God's credit
Holy Holy Holy is God don't forget it
With your wing covers and ready to fly
all that's around you is there you know why
All those now blind will soon see it too
It's all Glory to God not me and you

Jesus and the Taxman
by pec

Matthew was a Levi
Taxes he collected
While he was a Levi
His soul it was neglected

Zacchaeus was like Levi
gathering the tax
But then they met the Savior
and both did change their acts

The tax man cometh
from me he takes away
but Jesus cometh also
and what He gives will stay

I render unto Caesar
whatever he demands
I'll render unto Jesus
whatever He commands

Tax man does no love me
cares not how I feel
Jesus He does love me
His love is very real

Pay your tax and hunger
the tax man says to me
Jesus says come here my child
ye that hunger and are thirsty

Jesus and the taxman
one gives one takes its true
So let us live for Jesus
and to taxman give what's due


I drew a little stick man
I gave his face a smile
I made him happy lean and tall
for just a little while

Then I took away his grin

and gave him a somber look
as with eraser from the page
his right arm I took
Then I gave his face a frown
making him quite grim
he stands upon the page alone
yielding to my whim
What will happen next let's see
his story's in my hand
I can do with him what ere I please
whatever I have planned

Is my life to a stick man kin
who is in control?
Who is it that created me
what for me's the goal?
My stick man had no choice at all
about his destiny
Happy, sad, somber, glad
to choose he was not free
My life's artist is God alone
and to His hand I yield
He lets me choose to live for me
or labor in His field
I do not love the stick man
To him I have been mean
But God to me is not like that
His love for me's supreme
He it is that made me
and saved my soul from sin
and it's His cross and sacrifice
That I will glory in.

Keep Going Strong
by pec

Keep going Strong
It won't be Long
The Lord is Coming you know from where!
The trump will sound
you'll rise from the ground
To meet Him in the air!
There'll be a great shout
you'll know what about
As you leave behind your care!
Changed and immortal
You'll enter that portal
to live in a mansion so fair!
On a sea of glass
time will quickly pass
you'll hardly believe that you're there!
Street paved with gold
to His throne you'll go bold
for of His righteousness you share!
In a robe white
glowing so bright
closing your eyes you'll not dare!
There's so much to see
what glory there'll be
there's nothing on earth to compare!
Then Jesus astride
on a horse He will ride
as you follow upon your own mare!
Back to earth let's go
to defeat God's foe
and His crown we all shall wear!
On earth there'll be peace
His kingdom not cease
of the earth you will be an heir!
A new one will come
there'll be no ocean

and of tears there will be ne'er!

Awfumes Fowdabe Sorspeo

There was a man named Awfumes. A name most strange you see.
His middle name was like it, his middle name was Fowdabe
His last name was also just as strange being Mr Sorspeo.
Awfumes Fowdabe Sorspeo remember that name most low.
For it is a name that foretells the future of the world.
For God’s wrath is coming and to earth it will be hurled.

Every letter of his name is grim and often makes men shudder.
Each letter of his name stands for things that each should utter.

Awfumes, his first name is a terrible acronym.
Anti Christ is coming and men will sure fear him.
War will follow Anti Christ as he comes to conquer.
Famine follows war and men will know such awful hunger.
Undertaker comes next and takes one forth of men to Hell.
Martyrs cry up in Heaven asking God how long please tell.
Earthquake comes as they cry and Satan hits the ground.
Silence follows for half and hour men hoping they won’t be found.

As awful as his first name be the next ones even worse.
Fowdabe his middle name tells the earth a dreadful curse.

Fire will burn one third of trees and all the blades of grass.
Oceans will bleed and for one third death is coming to pass.
Wormwood arrives from the sky and poisons one third of drink.
Darkness arrives blots out the skies what will those men think?
Apollyon comes leading a hoard against men who know not God.
Brimstone falls with smoke and fire these be the devil’s rod.
Earthquake ends these trumpet sounds as saints to Heaven go.
The middle name was bad indeed but the last will bring great woe.

Sorspeo is horrible! Will anyone survive it?
Sores appear on those with marks the pain it will not quit.
Ocean life will all be gone from the bottom to the brink.
Rivers turn red and blood will be there for men to drink.
Sun will scorch men with heat causing them to blaspheme
Pain will come as darkness falls on Satan’s nasty scheme.
Euphrates all dried up the kings thereof will all be ready.
One hundred pound hail will fall after the earth is not steady. 

These things will come upon the earth it says so in the book.
Full half and more of all mankind their lives from them be took.

by PEC
When we're serving others selflessly 
it pleases God to the highest degree
Demanding to be served selfishly
Makes God sad and mad as can be
But all the things we do unselfishly 
God rewards these as sure as can be
So don't be selfish acting ugly
but put others first and you will have joy

C. C. C. C.

Community, Crowd,Congregation, and Core
All are a part of what churches are for.
Community reached not part but the whole
that should be every church's main goal.
The Crowd gathered Sunday by this simple outreach
should feel very welcome and greeted by each.
by this simple action the Congregation will grow
souls will be saved, Christ Jesus to know.
Then as young converts learn their new chore
They become disciples and part of the Core.
Commitment to Christ is what grows up a church.
The Community for genuine joy it does search.
The Crowd gathered Sunday joy should express.
The Congregation so loving will have great success.
The Core will delight to see others join in

For its all about Jesus lost sinners to win.

The Backpacker's Prayer
by PEC

The backpacker prays to God without fail
Its just you and me out here on the trail”
He's often alone with just nature and stuff
needing God's presence for lonely is tough
If my life's in my hands” to God he does cry
I'd be in big trouble this can't be denied”
On Thee God I've learned to trust and depend
with you beside me I will get to the end”
I carry some things in this backpack of mine
having just what I need I should be just fine
But Lord if your not in this journey I take
For to do Your will my heart it does ache”
I'll turn right around and go to that place
where I may please you, seek your sweet face
Send me a sign then or send me a bear
To chase me away, get me from there
May I learn way out here one lesson indeed
It's always been you that's the one thing I need
Walking by faith, it pleases you Lord
praying and reading the Spirit's sharp sword
These I need more than this pack on my back
With You Bread of Heaven nothing I'll lack
One day I will hike with Your angels dear God
my body left here to nourish the sod
In heaven no backpack will be needed by me
Nought of this world will be there you see
Hiking on New Earth a trail of pure gold
by a river of water so pure and so cold
The trail leads to Jesus upon His great throne
at the end of the trail I have finally reached home

by PEC

Rumors can be very false or they can be so true.
A rumor can make us happy or it can make us blue.
What we do with rumors is up to me and you.

One who is a talebearer according to God's word,
Wounds his fellow man, a practice most absurd.
He often hides his sources blaming a little bird.

So when you hear a rumor whether good or bad,
Keep it to yourself then no one will get mad.
Such discretion pleases God, never makes Him sad.
On our 44th Anniversary
At Five Foot Six, weighing one ten, wearing a dress size four;
In her skinny jeans, her curves can be seen, a lady she is to the core.
Her hair silver gray her eyes a light blue such beauty I've not seen before.
Like Sarah of old her age is not told surely she's not sixty four?
Beauty's skin deep but ugly it's said reaches down to ones core;
She is twice blessed for she's both sides blessed behind and also before.
She's been spoken for and thank you dear Lord that our years are now forty four.
Of all things I'm blessed and my wife is the best I love her down to my core.
Thank you my beloved for such joy and such love that I had never known before!

Back To School

They use to think it very cool
the young ones going back to school
buying all those school supplies
would put a gleam in each ones eyes.
The smell of a freshly sharpened pencil
notebooks shining new like tinsel
filled them each with anticipation
of making friends and new relations.
But as the year progresses on
the new wears off and they dread the dawn.
Tests, and homework, endless reading
snuffs out the cool and starts the pleadings.
But very soon the days they pass
no more work and no more class.
One day they learn there is no end
education is your one true friend.
Never stop as long as you live
learning, joy will to you give.
So never stop thinking that its cool
when you find you have to go back to school.

by PEC
When water is sweat it keeps a man cool.
When water is drank its a thirst quenching tool.
When water is poured it puts out a fire.
And water as tears  wets the face of the cryer.
When water is hard it causes to fall.
When water is steam it burns one and all.
When water dissolves things disappear.
When water is sweet or if salty its still clear.
 All other elements known unto man
When frozen they will never expand
But water is different your pipes it will bust
On a cold winters day protect them you must.
God in great wisdom made water unique.
Without life giving water our world would be bleak.
Praise God for the water that quenches your thirst.
Thirst of the body is not that which is worse.
Jesus will give you the water you need

If for his forgiveness with Him you will pleed. 

One Should Be Careful
by PEC

One should be careful of those God sees
As Rebellious, Contentious, those at ease
Woes are pronounced on such as these
One should be careful of those God knows
as hateful and hurtful down to their toes
Woes are pronounced on such as those
One should be careful of all God deems
to be wrong and wicked and evil schemes
for with these each man's nature teems
One should be careful of those God sends
His angels they are indeed His friends 
to help your life as it begins and ends
One should be careful of those God keeps
as a shepherd who cares for all his sheeps
for that which one sows he also reeps
One should be careful of those God owns
who love Him and worship in reverent tones
for in His kingdom they sit upon thrones

Eli Cartoon by Paul Clark

God's Grace 

by PEC 3/6/2017

God's grace is greater than all other we know

This grace He expects us to others to show

God's mercy it reaches the lowest in sin

This mercy He demands we show others again

God's long suffering nature surpasses our best

From such a nature we should never take rest

God's patient and kind above all it is true

Demanding this patients and kindness of you 

God's love is supreme surpassing that of men

This love he requires and not just of our kin

God's forgiveness amazes both bad and good

To be forgiven forgive others you should

God's holy more holy than men can conceive 

We are to be holy helping others believe

God's glory is radiant out shinning the Sun

Give glory to the Father, the Spirit, the Son

God's power is exceeded by not even one

Our power is His He permits us to run

God knows every thing His knowledge is vast

our knowledge to His is a humbling contrast

God You are great and we want to please you

Come quickly oh Lord make each of us new

Don't Walk In Fear
by PEC

Don't walk in fear of tomorrow

Today has plenty of its own sorrow

No need of even more to borrow

Know that life is but a vapor

As your life begins to taper

You'll have eternity with the Savior

Awake one day in His likeness

Loving His glory and His brightness

Glad we game to light from darkness

Winter is Coming

by PEC

Winter is coming an occurrence not freak

Spring and Summer and Fall at their peak

Each had their turn now winter must speak

In each of these seasons we all should be meek

For God our creator helps each one to seek

His glory divine with much more than a peek

Shout out His praises not just let the news leak

The transition from one season to another is sleek

So praise God this winter as it roses your cheek

As you come to His house the first day of each week

Don't let any thing stop you not even high creek

And always yes always let not your faith become weak

A brother beloved
by PEC

A brother beloved by a brother behaving
will be told what he needs his soul to be saving.
A brother belittled by a brother bemoaning
will be lost without someone for him atoning.
A brother beset by a brother besmirching
will be lost to that brother; make him go searching.
A brother befuddled by a brother berating
will be forced to retreat; his brother be hating.
Belove each brother and to each be sweet
be happy, be joyful, have beautiful feet.
Before you speak be loving be kind
be true, be honest, when speaking your mind.
Be like Christ in what you be on each day
before Him you will stand and He'll have the last say.

Acts 2:47

by PEC

In Acts two and forty seven

we learn a lesson straight from heaven.

Tis the Lord that should get all the glory

for tis He that made salvation's story.

This verse speaks of favor with all men

such favor starts by a change within.

Tis the Lord who gives the increase

tis He who adds and will not cease.

For daily He seeks the lost to save

and bids His church to be so brave.

He gave His church a great commission

to make disciples is its mission.

The church its job is to sow the seed

help the perishing to see their need.

And if to this end we are faithful

the Lord will add and we'll be grateful.

To grow a church is God's desire

to keep the lost from eternal fire.

When our Lord does the addition

the church will then be in good condition.

The saved that our Lord adds to His church

must be sought so let's each search.

To some lost soul lead me I pray

and add to your church this very day.


A new heaven and earth there soon will be.
The saints of God they all shall see.
They both are promised to be glorious.
And over sin victorious.

First the heaven above this earth made new,
Pure and clean an amazing view!
The stars above may shine ever so bright.
But in that place there is no night.
God's glory no star or moon will out shine.
Every day there, will be just fine!
Each season there perfect and each will rhyme 
There'l be no need of tracking time.

Next the earth below our glorious feet
Will have no thorns, won't that be neat!
No sea will divide nor hinder our walk.
A feature bout which we will talk.
From pole to pole even from east to west
Everything there will be the best.
A tree of life and a river so pure
Will be enjoyed, of that I'm sure.

There will be but one city in that place
only one group of Adam's race.

Just those who trust in Jesus, repenting

will through those gates be entering.

February's Fourteenth Day

by PEC


On February's fourteenth day

Men and women take time to say

I love you” to their special one

Who fills their days with joy and fun.

Gifts of chocolate and flowers sweet

each help to make this day complete.

On February's fourteenth day

homage to love we each will pay

be it to the love of our life

to a husband or to a wife

to just a friend it may also be

we pay it oh so generously.

On February's fourteenth day

we go to God to Him we pray

Thanking Him for His love divine

which made the light in darkness shine

as first to us He showed His love

one that can come but from above.

On February's fourteenth day

let us to hatred all say nay

for love it is that shows to all

we are God's upon Him we call

to show the world love is the best

Come to God He will give you rest!

Christmas, Merry

by PEC

My Christmas, Merry!

And the child of Mary

causes it to be so!

A chocolate covered cherry

is not necessary

nor is Santa's ho ho!

Tom, Dick, or Harry

nor some mythical ferry

can cause my joy to go!

The weather need not be scary

nothing to make me wary

nor do I need the snow!

Money is temporary

needful it is not very.

Merry, it needs no dough!

Go to God's sanctuary

There you will find merry

When God's love you know.

Jesus my sins did carry

He saved me and did not tarry

He did it alone, solo.

My Christmas, twill be merry

with a sad thought nary.

While I wait here below.

One day up where it's airy

and I'm no longer contrary

I will His praises show!


by PEC

He sits at the back

A young man named Jack

A beautiful child of the King.

Full of joy is his sack

And of grins there's no lack

contagious is his smiling.

His character doth smack

of love not attack

a flea he would never be hurting.

If your days all seem black

and your heart has a crack

From Jack you need to be learning.

He'll teach you a hack

how not to be slack

but accept everyone with no hating.

Rewards, up you can rack

a mansion not a shack

for you up in heaven is waiting.

Let's all learn from young Jack

love everyone back

and our God we all will be pleasing!


Bringing in the sheaves,
climbing up palm trees,
the Bible is full of these.

Knowing what they mean,
is oft not easy seen,
it takes an eye that's keen.

By them be not deterred,
their lessons must be heard,
they come from God's Holy Word. 

Such phrases not understood,
can do no one any good,
can't help them live as they should.

God is infinitely wise,
His word suits every size,
that His children might grow and rise.

To get an understanding,
of these phrases oh so puzzling,
requires rightly dividing.

So don't worry about being rudy,
go to church and join in study,
so that your mind will not be muddy.

Before Fall”
by Paul Clark 4/20/2015

Two before fall
perfect in all
would have dwelt
just as they felt
happy and free
loving the Three.
There was a test
Satan did best
woman deceived
husband received
sin overcame
man filled with shame.
Bondage of sin
for all their kin
death and a curse
it couldn't be worse
what will man do
with out help through
hopeless is he
then came a tree.
Calvary's mount
there flows a fount
it can make clean
those who have seen
it takes faith in
the Savior of men
one that's hell bent
they must repent
plunged in its flow
crimson now snow
repenting of sin
a victory win.
One upon high
will split the sky
saints one and all 
back before fall.

“On the 75th Psalm”
by Paul Clark

To you o God our thanks we give,
the thanks of those who fear.
Your wondrous works say that you live,
the one we hold so dear.

And on thee we patiently wait,
For time is in your hand.
Righteous judgment will not be late,
When you restore the land.

"How can we sink or trip and fall,
Held by eternal God,
Who bears the earth's huge pillars all,
And spreads the heavens abroad."

Know that the fall the boast precedes,
A fall will surely come.
Oh wicked one beware your deeds
Or like the sheep be dumb.

Not east or west nor from the south,
Does true reward appear.
But from the one above’s own mouth,
Will come those words so dear.

Into a cup God pours His wrath,
The wicked they shall drink.
For what one sows is what he hath,
When at the harvest’s brink.

Life for me goes on forever,
And my song shall always be.
The highest praise yes and never,
Of any one but Thee.

God is the one by whom I wish,
To be a sainted one.
And drink not from that fearful dish,
But hear Him say well done.

New Years Resolutions
by Paul Clark

To my problems there are solutions,
though problems there will always be
This next year all my resolutions,
will target cause not symptom, see

I eat to much and am overweight
I'm so self-centered and prone to hate
I sleep too much and waste my days
I hold a grudge, give little praise
I pray too little, relying on me
Inconsiderate, talk critically
Inhospitable, covetous too
Always wanting for me not you

These problems are symptoms not the source
Wake up the mind to see the right course
God's Word softens the heart that's hard
The mind and heart they must be jarred
I will set my sight on things above
Obey God's commands to show my love
I'll be attentive to the Spirit's tug
and keep my knees on that prayer rug
To do these things I am resolute
and with God's help I'll be astute

The following poem I wrote 
as lyrics to Leonard Cohen's
song "Hallelujah"

Easter Hallelujah 
by Paul Clark 4/20/2014

I watched the three hang from a tree
absolute perfect agony
To do thy will you made me, glory to you

it's always yours and never mine
to rescue thee would be just fine
Armed with thy might I'm ready I'll do it for you
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

But like a lamb you silent stayed
with greatest love you were arrayed
All that is left to say is hallelujah.

Forgive them all was your request
you have always done what was best
And even now their lives they owe all to you!
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

Amazing grace how can it be
That thou would suffer brutally
such undeserving souls what are they to you?

It is finished aloud you cried
You breathed your last and then you died.
More full of glory I have never seen you!
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

Men think you smitten of our God
They think your treatment was not odd.
For blasphemy is all they could see in you.

In a few days with a great thrust.
I'll show all men you are not dust
And then they'll know and bring great glory to you!
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

Now three have past it's time at last
To earth I came like lightning fast
The grave, the watch, the Devil could not hold you.

I sit and watch them run away
I wait a bit for sheep astray
As they come to anoint the body of you.
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

The message oh so loud and clear
That all men of the earth need hear
He is alive and always is there for you.

The victory's won Redemption done
One day the world will see the son
The Lord will sit upon His throne of Glory!!
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah


Cartoon I composed for our church bulletin

I Lost an Hours Sleep
by Paul Clark

I lost an hours sleep last night as I went to bed.
Lost to me, it will be, until savings time is dead.
I'd rather lose an hours sleep than any other thing.
T'is far better than to lose my precious wedding ring.
One less hour sleep is better than one less with my Lord.
I want to spend each waking hour with the Spirit's sword.
Should I fall to sleep today awake me if you please.
For this a day the Lord hath made its blessings I will seize. 

Eli Cartoon by Paul Clark for WSBC bulletin

It is good for every nation.
It has no need of emendation.
Though written by the hands of men,
Its words are those of God in Heaven.
God uses it, with men to talk,
That they might know the way to walk.
If you read it you will agree
That God loves sinners, you and me.
So read four chapters every day
And hear what God has to say.
You owe that much and more to Him.
Your cup of joy will reach the brim. 


Nine Months Before Christmas
by Paul Clark (Christmas cantata 2011)

Nine Months Before Christmas and all throughout Heaven
The Angels were singing, seventy times seven.
God the Son, the creator, sat on His white throne
And up in heaven His saints add to the tone
There up in heaven all is glorious and bright
People of earth have never seen such a sight.
On this day nine months before the time of his birth
He readies himself to face the darkness of earth.
His Father had planned this long long ago
That His Son should be born God's love for to show.
Then He, amid the songs and the praises galore
Stood up from His throne and did silence the roar.
It is time for the lamb the Father did say
to go to the earth man's sin debt to pay.
Then the Son left the splendor and the glorious din
to live in the darkness caused by our sin.
First nine months with no light and then a bed made of straw.
He would live perfectly never breaking God's law.
A man of sorrows would be his fate
Spat on despised Him they would hate.
Giving His life He would hang on a tree
Shedding His blood for you and for me.
His story does not end on that old rugged cross
For His death is a victory and not a loss.
He rose from the dead but that is another cantata
He is now back in Heaven sitting where he oughta.
All of this happened long long ago
He is coming again and it will not be slow
With the sound of a trumpet and with a great shout
Jesus will call His children all to come out
And into the air the redeemed will all fly
Meeting our Lord in the clouds of the sky
For that wonderful day Oh how we do wait
but for now let us all His birth celebrate.

"A Smile" 
A smile, it costs you nothing
For your face tis good.
For when you are a smiling,
doing as you should,
Encouraging another
Bringing joy and cheer.
And with each smile my brother,
And my sister dear,
You a ray of sunshine bring
On ones cloudy day,
For Jesus wants us to sing
Share His joy for aye.  

He and His 
His name I love.
He lives above.
His grace is oh so free.
He is our King.
His reign, supreme.
He gives to us mercy.
His coming, fast.
He firsts the last.
His face we soon shall see.

by Paul Clark

Likened unto her there is no other.
Patient and kind I call her my mother.
She teaches and preaches tells me the truth.
Behave and be good and always be couth.”

She kept me from danger when I was young.
She bid me to always bridle my tongue.
She took me to church and Sunday School time
Taught me bout sin, and a savior sublime.

Though I am grown now she still makes a fuss.
She straitens my hair and gives me a buss.
Her love does not fade though now she is old.
To her I will always better than gold.

For all of the good things she's done for me,
I thank her and praise her for now I see.
I, Having raised children now of my own,
love her the more all the way to the bone. 

Because she loved Jesus and my lost soul,
to lead me to Christ that was her main goal.
In heaven we'll sing some wonderful day,
Till then I honor her this mother's day.

(buss is old English for a kiss)

Where I should be
by Paul Clark (2/18/2011)

"Where I should be" is a wonderful place.
There is no guilt there but plenty of grace.
It is almost like Heaven, "where I should be."
There's no shame, no fear, no cursing you see.
No punishment, pouting, and no regret.
You'd never leave it except you forget. 
True joy, sweet fellowship with God divine
Those who dwell there are doing just fine.
Singing and praising are always found there.
When you arrive, oh you have not a care.
Peace and contentment can only be known
When you are there you are never alone.

Like Joseph in prison sometimes it does seem.
“Where I should be” is all in God's scheme.
It is almost like heaven here on the earth
When your heart's there you are filled with great mirth
Ask Paul and Silas about this great place.
Tis where God wants Adam's beloved race.
We might all have lived there if he had not sinned.
But now we just sojourn being burdened. 
“Where I'm Suppose to be” Sometimes it is called.”
there Children by she bears never are mauled.
“In God's Perfect Will” a name that fits well.
People who love it will not go to Hell.

How to find this place of which I do speak
is easy and quick for those who are meek.
Repentance and trust and always obey
you will find the path is a narrow way.
For many, God's will they care not at all
The broad way they tread leads to a great fall.
Study the Bible and rightly divide
“Where I should be” God, from you does not hide.
We will all face God in judgment and then,
“Where I should be” He will determine
One day on His left or on His right hand
He will call men and force them to stand.
Where will you be on that glorious day
“Where I should be” I hope you can say.

Charles Tekell

Let me tell you bout Charles Tekell
His mother did raise him very well.
He has a good wife she's sweet you see,
He loves his beautiful kind Becky.
Everyone knows of his love to farm.
Rebekah Hill has been his right arm.
His love of the Lord is clear to all.
He is a deacon and serves in the hall.
His children number from one to five.
At Christmas his house, a bee hive.
Sandra and Kenneth and Tim and Scott,
I left out Kathi, I forgot.
The Lord has been so good to him.
He rises early when it's dim.
He plows and plants and grows sweet corn.
The tractor he drives is well worn.
Amount of friends show wealth so well.
There's none as rich as Charles Tekell.

Food for the body, Food for the soul
Food is for strength, it keepeth thee whole.
Food on the plate and, Food in the pot,
Food on the outside availeth you not.
Food in God's house, Food in God's Word,
Food not in the heart weakness incurred.
Food for the body, Food for the soul
Food taken in like a hot buttered roll
Food gives you health, you need every day
Food we have here if you will but stay
Food for the soul, so listen with care.
Food for the body, we all will share.

by Paul Clark
Work it is good
when done when should
The Lord's day not!
Oh I forgot.
Rest on that day
and sing and pray
Our God did rest
and He's the best
So follow Him
And don't be grim.
What He says do
It's best for you.

New Years Day
by Paul Clark

Lo New Years Day is upon us,
A day to begin anew.
The possibilities, endless,
of the good things God can do.
Let us give each day to Jesus,
and hold back none for our own.
His love for us it is boundless,
He is our savior alone.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Twas the night before Christmas,
two thousand and ten,
at the church house where people
are known to amen,
that they sang of Christ Jesus,
a sweet baby boy,
who was born in a stable,
to men brought great joy.
There was reading and singing
and dim candlelight,
as they worshiped before Him
and sang “Silent Night.”
For it is a tradition
with these who amen
to gather in the church house. 
So come and join in.

Poetry is Pleasing
by Paul Clark

Poetry is pleasing to my ears,
like those found in the Psalms.
I can remember them for years.
My mind the psalter calms.

Announcements ought to rhyme you see,
That way I'll always know,
Where, when, and what I need to be.
My mind sometimes is slow. 

Knick Knacks

by Paul Clark

Knick Knacks upon a windowsill
bring memories to our minds.
They beautify the space they fill
in many shapes and kinds.

Some were bought as a souvenir
from places far away.
Some were given by friends so dear
and brighten up our day.
Both serve to remind one and all
of God's abiding grace.
Both to count our blessings call
and seek our Father's face.

Such knick Knacks bid us to His throne
and true thanksgiving ply.
They bid us seek His will alone
without complaint or sigh.

So dust those Knick Knacks with great care
they do so much for thee.
The joy they bring beyond compare
is all from God you see.

Where Did They Go?
By Paul Clark

Where did they go one asked of me.
Those crucified on Calvary.

One has gone to a place called Hell.
The anguish there no tongue can tell.
He suffers all alone you see;
He suffers there so needlessly.
He could have been oh so redeemed;
Repentance was for fools it seemed.
But now in Hell he does regret;
His mocking he will not forget.
In torments he will always be
For it is Jesus who has the key.

One has gone to a place of rest
A place of comfort its the best
They call this place a paradise
The joy up there is very nice
They praise the Lord without a care
There is no loneliness up there
For mercy this one, he did plead
For his salvation Christ did bleed.
He will rejoice eternally
For he believed on Calvary

One has gone to the throne on high
He's coming again you can't deny
He wants to save us all from sin
If you believe he'll come within.
Your heart he wants to clean, make new
Salvation comes to such a few
So when you're gone what will I say
What answer can I give today?


My Morning

To the tune of “Untitled Hymn” by Chris Rice
words by Paul Clark

When I woke this morning,
the Holy Spirit came.
He told me "son your life is not a game." 
You need Jesus,
You need Jesus,
You need Jesus, to live.

We went before the throne,
He waited at my side.
I praised the Lord, for me it was He died.
Thank you Jesus
Thank you Jesus
Thank you Jesus, I live.

For some things I asked Him,
I confessed my guilt of sin.
I felt so undeserving deep within.
I love you Jesus
Love you Jesus
Love you Jesus, You live.

I lingered just a moment,
When amen I'd said.
I got upon my feet and rose from bed.
I'll live for Jesus
live for Jesus
live for Jesus, He lives.

Thankful for my breakfast.
Thankful for my wife.
Thankful God has given eternal life.
Now go serve Jesus
go serve Jesus
go serve Jesus, and live. 

When this life is over
And my work is done
Having been redeemed by God's Dear Son
I'll praise you Jesus
Praise You Jesus

Praise You Jesus, and live!


What if I worked for the Lord?
by Bro. Paul

If for the Lord I worked, and labored every day;
If all my needs were met, and he my debts did pay;
Would I complain and moan, or criticizes His care?
So many do you know, and think Him so unfair.

If for the Lord I worked, and that is true indeed,
His yoke is not that bad, success is guaranteed.
His burden is so light, for strength He gives to me.
Since I work for Jesus, my days are worry free!

Now if its not for Him, you work and toil in life
If only for yourself, you work enduring strife;
Needs will cause you worry, your debts may pile up high;
Burdens will be heavy, on that you can rely.

Brother work for Jesus, Sister make Jesus boss.
Work each day for Jesus, you will not know of loss.
Jesus will reward you, when your labor is done;
Jesus is your savior, He is the only one!