Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ABA Day 2

The missionary committee meeting went very smoothly today. There are a total of 175 missionaries being considered for support.  None of these were seriously opposed.  The ladies meeting got out early for lunch and Janie and I ate lunch with a family with six kids. The father of our lunch companions is a missionary.  We enjoyed the fellowship with them.  I took a short nap while Janie worked during our lunch break.  The afternoon session was good and we got a bite to eat before manning the booth from 4:00 to 6:20. We were late getting to the night session so missed the opening ceremonies of the presentation of the flags and the welcome by the host city. The moderator's address was good and the sermon was outstanding.  We manned the booth again until 10:00 and now have called it a day.  A lot of people stopped by the booth interested in how things were going in France.  We even had one to write us a check for $420.  This was not a surprise for we had been told by Jason to expect it.  We were suppose to give someone else 100 prayer cards but they have not come by the booth yet.  Well tomorrow will be another long day so I had better get some rest. God bless you.

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