Thursday, December 15, 2011

Janie's Well

We had an outstanding adult class tonight at church. We discuss first our prayer requests and give updates on those for whom we have been praying. After our prayer I give time for any questions or topics they want to talk about and this time we had a good discussion about Jews and the Torah. I only covered the first 3 verses of Job 14. After church Janie and I packed up and headed to Henderson. We have a dentist appointment on Thursday morning at 10:00. We stopped in Athens to see the Christmas park lights. We have done this every year that we have been in Hillsboro. We most likely will take the grandkids to see them when they come over next week. It looks as though we will get to spend a lot of time with at least 5 of our grandkids and that will be fun. I am going to let them set up our Christmas tree. Well I had better head for bed. 7:30 will come early. God bless you.

Location:County Road 427D,Henderson,United States

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