Friday, April 11, 2014

Busy Busy

Helped Jason teach a group of French people how to use Skype
At our Spanish teachers house for his daughter's birthday party
Me and James helped do some electrical work at his house
Justin and me working on the lights and plugs for the cabinets
Janie mowing her mother's yard
Visited with my mother
We have had a busy trip to Henderson.  Janie and I mowed three yards in one day.  We mowed my mother-in-law's yard first.  Janie mowed the bulk of it while I cooked lunch for her.  We went to see my mother next and the visit went well but the afternoon for her did not.  After I left they called me to say that mother had gone outdoors without them knowing it.  When they moved her to the secure hall for observation and some testing mother knocked down another patient but did not seriously injure him.  She will hopefully return to her room in a few days.  They have given her med's for her cold and have given her anxiety med's to calm her down.  I don't like to see her drugged.  After our visit with mother we went back to Henderson and Janie mowed the yard at the house and I mowed the yard at the cottage after repairing the lawnmower.  It was off to grocery shop for my mother-in-law and then back to my mother-in-law's house for the night.  We will take her to Tyler today for her hair appointment and then head back to Hillsboro to attend the district ladies auxiliary meeting Saturday morning.  God bless you.

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