Monday, February 15, 2010

Day Three

This is a picture of Hannah, all dressed up in her grandmother's clothes including her grandmother's shoes. She went out to play in the snow all bundled up. I am not sure why she was looking so melancholy.

When I got back home from my nursing home visit this morning Jason and I went to visit with the man who serves as our missions treasurer. We took him some checks that had come in the mail and since he was not feeling well we made our visit a short one.

We took Jason and family out to eat at McDonald's for lunch today. The kids were thrilled and after they ate they played and then we bought them ice cream. The ladies auxiliary met at our house tonight and so I left with Jason and his family leaving Janie home alone to prepare for the meeting. We went to Taco Bell for supper. It seems that is one of the things they have missed while in France. We went to Wal-mart shopping until the ladies meeting was over. They have been watching the winter Olympics while I have worked on the church bulletin for Sunday and the sermon for Sunday. I have finished one but not the other. This last picture is of Janie and Andrew at the supper table. God bless you.

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