Sunday, February 28, 2010

Though, Through, Dough, Cough, Enough

Our church attendance has been very low. This is a thing that causes a pastor concern. I have prayed about this and am waiting for God to answer in His good time. Our congregation is an older one and many (20% one in five) are having health problems which cause them not to be able to attend church services. We had good services today. Bro. R. E. Cecil and his wife visited in our services today. He has retired from pastoring after 71 years in the ministry. He is a really good preacher.
There are some very positive things happening at our church. We have "Meals on Wheels" working out of our building starting next Monday. We have had several to volunteer to work in Vacation Bible School and so we will get that work underway starting next Sunday. I am in hopes that our Ladies Bible Study will also grow. We lost one of our members because she had to move far away. We miss her very much.

This will be a busy week. I will work on my taxes tomorrow, Ladies Bible Study and church services in Lorena on Tuesday, Sermon for Sunday and Sunday School lesson on Wednesday, Work on my thesis Thursday, take father-in-law for cancer treatment on Friday. As always these are my plans but "I know who holds tomorrow"

I am going to call my brother tomorrow and see if we can postpone our hike until March 18th. I have a surgery I want to attend on March 11th in Dallas. My brother had planned to bring my mother out with him so she could visit with Janie while we went hiking. I will see if mother would rather come home with us this weekend and return to Henderson on Tuesday afternoon.

Though, through, dough, cough, enough, makes you glad you did not have to learn English as a second language. The picture is of our grandkids and Janie's parents. God bless you.

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