Monday, March 1, 2010


Well, today was "work on taxes" day for me. I got started at about 9:00 this morning and with just a few breaks I spent about 9 hours on taxes. I need to put away all this paper work and clear off the table for Bible study in the morning. Taxes would not take near as long if I were more organized throughout the year. It is way too early to decide if I owe any taxes yet. Tomorrow after I go and vote I will spread my stuff out again and get back to it. We will be going down to Lorena, Texas for church services there tomorrow night.

My blog was a big help to me today. I was able to fill in a lot of gaps and answer a lot of questions by looking back at my blog. I use to keep a better written diary of my work but since the advent of the blog I have become very lax in keeping records of things I have done and places I have gone.

I talked to my mother today and we plan to pick her up on Saturday and bring her to Hillsboro for a visit. She will stay until Tuesday when we will take her back home. The picture is of our eight grandkids outside of my in-law's house. God bless you.

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