Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mother day 2

We have enjoyed my mother's visit. Saturday we arrived home with her and we just had a good talk. Janie made some homemade soup for supper and mother liked it real well. We went to church this morning and the services were better attended than I had expected for such a rainy day. I put a roast on for lunch. It was ready to eat by the time we got back home. We all took a nap this afternoon and returned to church for our evening services. They too were better attended than I had expected. Mother had to sit and wait for us to get through with choir practice but she did not seem to mind. She had a good visit with one of the ladies of our church while she waited. We got home and had some more of the soup that was left over and then after a short visit mother went off to bed.

We learned today of the death of one of the funeral directors in our town. This man was well liked by everyone and it sure seemed like he knew everybody in Hill county. He was a wonderful man and very good at his work. I personally will miss him a lot. He always treated me as a friend and I loved working with him at funerals. I hope to be able to attend his funeral on Wednesday.

I will go to the nursing home in the morning to lead the singing in the services. I will work on my taxes in the afternoon and try to finish that project. Tuesday after Bible study we will take mother home stopping in Tyler to pick up a prescription for my mother-in-law. We will most likely need to head back to Hillsboro Tuesday night to be here for the funeral on Wednesday.

Stacie called to check in. Her baby is due this week and she has no one lined out to babysit for her should it come before Friday. Her other childern were late in coming and perhaps this one will be as well. I know that as soon as we get word Janie will want to get down there ASAP to see that baby. Thursday I plan to go to Dallas for a surgery there. Friday is thesis day Lord willing. The picture is of my taxes spread out and in the works. God bless you.

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