Sunday, March 21, 2010

Record Low

We had a record low attendance today at church. Some were out due to spring break. We had good services and I kept them over till 12:10 this morning. I like it when the sermon is over and I stand in the foyer and people come out talking about the text and asking questions about it and making comments. This lets me know they are paying attention and are really thinking about the scriptures. Last Sunday they did the same thing and it was wonderful. They left the building with the scripture on their minds.

Jason and Angie had a good day in Palestine. They will be back here late tonight. Tomorrow I will take the car for repairs and by tomorrow afternoon it should be all fixed up. I need to have it inspected and today one of the headlights burned out. I will get that fixed first thing tomorrow.

Janie and I enjoyed a quite afternoon and even took a short nap. I will have to put in some long hours the next three days to get my work done on time. The car repairs will be a distraction from my usual work but if you are going to drive as many miles as I do you have spend some time and money on your vehicle.
The pictures are of our visit with Elijah in the hospital. God bless you.

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