Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Time

I cooked breakfast for the kids this morning. I made them waffles. The picture is of Ruth and Lilia waiting for seconds. They seemed to really like them. After breakfast I walked over to the church. It is about a mile and half from our house. I met with the meals on wheels people and visited with one of the pastors from here in town. I did some study on the sermon for Sunday and then Janie came and picked me up for lunch. We stopped and bought some hamburgers for the kids. Jason and I took the kids to the park (pictured) were they had a really good time. We left our wives at home to enjoy some quite time. Tonight we had good services and Janie's class was the same size as the adult class.

Our oldest daughter still has not had the baby yet. It is looking like Friday is going to be the day. We will head down there after the funeral on Friday. Jason and I are planning a camping trip. He plans to visit a church in Rusk County on Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday he and I will go hiking over at Tyler State Park. We plan to stay in our old campsite no. 112. We use to take our kids camping a lot when they were young. They have a lot of fond memories of that place. It should be a real good time. God bless you.

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