Sunday, March 28, 2010


We had a great day today. Our attendance at church was almost double what it was last Sunday. We are expecting a big crowd for Easter Sunday. Our daughter and son-in-law came over Saturday night and stayed for our services this morning. We enjoyed their visit. A lady in our church wanted to give away some clothes and we are going to take them to TBI. Our daughter tried some of the dresses on and found about 10 that she liked so she took them home and seemed glad to get them. We went to Pizza Hut for lunch and some of our church members were there. When we got home I received a call from Rasmussen and took part in a survey on politics. I was more than glad to give my answers and noticed that my answers were always either the smallest number or the largest, never in the middle. I wonder if that makes me an extremist? I don't think of myself that way. I will try to catch the news to see if they report on the results of the survey.

I had a dream last night that was strange. It was about the young man, Clint, who was burned almost a year ago. In my dream he died and we buried him and several days later we dug him back up to move him to another grave and he came alive and he looked the way he did before he was burned. We took him to the hospital and the doctor's were all amazed that he had risen from the dead. The only thing I can come up with as to why I had this dream is that I have been working on the Easter sermon and had been praying for Clint. When I woke up from the dream I was feeling such joy over his being alive and without any of his current afflictions. This dream made me look forward to my own Resurrection one day. There will be two resurrections so be sure that you are going to be a part of the first one. Leave me your email me if you want to know how.

We had good services tonight. I had mentioned in my sermon this morning the book of Habakkuk so I preached from that book tonight. The sermon was about true faith in God and was taken from the last 3 verses of that book. After church I had an unusual supper (pictured above) made up of raw vegetables. It sure was good. I have loaded the dishwasher and blogged so I will now head for bed. Tomorrow morning I preach at the nursing home and Tuesday night I preach in Lorena. I will work on the Easter sermon tomorrow afternoon. Janie and I are hoping that we might get to see Elijah this week. The picture is of Janie holding him. God bless you.

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