Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring is in the Air

My allergies have really been acting up so spring must be in the air. Today I got the bulletin finished and the Sunday School lesson studied. I worked a little on my sermon for Sunday but still have a ways to go on it. Tomorrow morning early we will head for Henderson so Janie can go with her parents to the doctor's offices. I plan to take Friday as my day off and go hiking with my son. We will camp out Thursday night. I will finish the sermon for Sunday on Saturday and also work on my thesis.

Our daughter, Sarah, has five new little baby pigs. She was feeling poorly the other day but said she felt good today. Our daughter, Stacie, is doing well. Elijah is not letting her get much sleep right now. She hopes he will soon get his days and nights straitened out. The picture is of Hannah holding Elijah at the hospital. God bless you.

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