Monday, March 22, 2010


I took my car to have the oil and oil filter changed. They also changed the fuel filter and replaced a burned out head light. Tomorrow I am going to see if I can get Jason to change the pollen filter on the car. I called around and found tires for our car $102.00 each. The front two tires will have to be changed before the car will pass inspection.

I try to filter the things I place on this blog. The first filter is my own view of what things are appropriate for this blog and its being such a public place. The second filter is my wife. When I have doubts about something I am about to publish here I run it through the "Janie" blog filter and if it passes through it arrives here. I had a friend who could have benefited from a second blog filter and based on his experience I use the "Janie" filter liberally.

While I was at the oil change place the man changing my oil asked what I thought about the vote on health care. I filtered my response, keeping it non-confrontational. You who read this blog on a regular basis know that I virtually never talk about politics here. As a pastor I do not want to alienate anyone needlessly. Just being a Christian alienates many people. So I filter my words when asked about divisive subjects.

Jason and I smoked some chicken this afternoon. Angie had been craving smoked chicken, so today was her day. They came out really good and there is enough left over for tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning we have ladies Bible study and tomorrow night we will go down to Lorena for church services there. The picture is of my car at the oil change place today. It was the tenth oil change our car has had. God bless you.

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