Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Take a closer look

We had a good Bible study today. We did not cover much of the material that was on the schedule but we did have a good discussion. It seems a TV evangelist made a statement which was rather bold and gave a scripture for proof. His statement was false. The text he gave for proof did not support his statement at all. I have been teaching the church that I pastor to always take a closer look before agreeing with what somebody says about the scriptures. Everyone needs to get and use the tools of proper exegesis. I know that is a big word so look it up. Keep scripture in context, know who is speaking to whom and about what. Know when it was written and why and by whom it was written. Make sure the results harmonize with the rest of scripture. Check the translation of the text to assure that it is accurate. These tools will help you to know the truth and be able to identify false doctrines.

Janie and I went down to Lorena for services there. We had a good time of singing and Bible study. We always enjoy our time there. Tomorrow I will rise early and get to work on the sermon for Sunday and the Thesis. Thursday I will work on the Thesis again and that evening attend a Christian event at our local high school. Friday all nine of our grandkids will be at our house and we are looking forward to that. The picture is of Janie practicing while some of the grandkids lend a hand. God bless you.

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