Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This picture is of a piece of artwork that was made by a man named Joe Snow. I worked with him for several years at Lebus Mfg. Co. in Longview, Texas. He made this for me as a going away gift. It has been hanging on the wall of my office for over seven years now. It is made of beads of weld that are welded together. I have many fond memories of my 27 years at Lebus.

Janie and I attended a funeral this morning. There was big crowd there. The man was just six years younger than me. He had a lot of friends and was very well liked. We will attend another funeral on Thursday and then another on Friday. I will be helping with the one on Friday. It is a lady who was in the nursing home here in Hillsboro and a long time member of our church. I remember the first time I went to the nursing home to visit with her as her pastor. After visiting for a while I offered to have a prayer with her and she consented. I took her by the hands and prayed a fairly usual prayer. After I said amen she hung on tight to my hands and poured out the most fervent prayer for me and our church. As I left I talked with God about her. I could see that I was the benefactor of the visit and not her. From that day forward I went to see her for the prayers and encouragement she gave to me. I will miss Sibyl Clinkscales very much.
Our daughter still has not had her baby. It is looking like Friday will be the day. If that is the case we will most likely head down there Friday after the funeral.
I was able to get some work done at the office today. I was there when I got the phone call about Sibyl. I took Janie with me to the nursing home to see her and her three sons. I took Janie back home and then had to run an errand for Jason and then one for our mission's treasurer this afternoon. I had good visit with the treasurer and his mother who is in a lot of pain. I went back to the office and finished up the church bulletin and the Sunday School lesson. I did manage to read 12 chapters in the book of Ezekiel and walk 3 miles today. Tomorrow I will type up the sermon for Sunday and then try to get some Thesis work done. I am thinking about walking over to the church in the morning and then home again at noon. I need the exercise. God bless you.

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