Friday, March 19, 2010

The Broom

The kids had a good time today. They played outside a lot. The picture is of a wedding party. It seems that Ruth and Caleb got married. As they gathered for the wedding picture Joshua was carrying a broom and said to me "I'm the broom." They had a flower girl throwing a basket full of leaves. When it was over the bride threw her bouquet up in the air and being that it was just a hand full of unconnected weeds it went all over the bridal party.

Elijah Scott Maness was born today. He was born at 1:05 pm and weighed 9 pounds 3 ounces. He was 21 inches long. Mother and baby are both doing well. In the morning we will head down there to see him and return his siblings home. Janie is very anxious to see Elijah. She wanted to make two trips but practical Paul said no. We will return to Hillsboro tomorrow evening.

We let the kids stay up late and watch a cartoon movie. This is their last night together so we celebrated by feeding them Zebra cakes and popcorn (pictured). They are sad to have to part. It is nice that they get along so well.
The funeral went well this afternoon. The weather was perfect. We did not eat with the family at lunch but had a sandwich with the kids here at the house.
I have the Sunday School lesson and sermon are ready to go. We have business meeting Sunday night. I prefer to have a quite Saturday at home but sometimes that is not possible. I had several hours of quite time at the office this week so that should make up for the nine hours I will spend driving tomorrow. God bless you.

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