Friday, March 26, 2010

Father and Son Hike

Thursday we drove over to Tyler where Janie and I met Jason and my father-in-law at the cancer center. Janie stayed with her dad and Jason and I went Henderson. I bought some tires but they could not put them on the car since I had left the lug nut key at our house in Hillsboro. We had them put the tires in the trunk and I will have them mounted later. We went on over to my in-law's house and unloaded Janie's luggage. We worked together on my mother-law's motorized chair and got it fixed. After that Janie arrived with her dad in tow. Both doctor's gave him a good report. He will not have to take Chemo again, at least for now.

Jason and I said our goodbyes and headed for Tyler State Park. We arrived too late to check in so we had to do the after hours check in. We had wanted to stay in our old camping spot but it was taken. We set up camp and cooked supper. We made a chicken casserole with an alcohol stove and my pot. We also made some hamburger helper. Both were very good. We cleaned up and then by flashlight we sat side by side and read and discussed some Bible scriptures. With the temperature in the 50's we climbed into our sleeping bags, called our wives to say good night and then lay there in the light of a half moon and talked about all kinds of things. The conversation waned and we both went off to sleep. I slept a lot better than I had expected to. When I woke up I could identify 5 different birds singing. The birds singing in the early morning is one of my favorite sounds. We got up and I made some instant fake coffee which hit the spot since it was 42 degrees. I ate a pastry for breakfast but Jason did not eat. We left the tent set up to dry while we went for our long hike. We covered about 8 miles getting back to camp around noon. We came across two men in their 60's who were walking bicycles up the hill we were coming down. I think they must have been city dwellers. They asked me what kind of animal was it that had dug up the ground along side of the trail. I told them it was an armadillo. They seemed surprised. I enjoyed hiking with Jason. It was good to get away from things, though one of my church members was taken to the hospital emergency room and I kept her in my prayers and thoughts throughout the day. I will plan to visit her tomorrow. The pictures are some I took while on our hike. God bless you.

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