Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We voted in the primary today right after we finished the ladies Bible study. A friend of ours was a voting judge at the first polling place to which we went. We had not seen her in a while and so visited for a few minutes. The second polling place to which we went was the right one. We voted using the computer ballots but I am not sure why. It does not save any paper for they printed enough paper ballets for everyone and I am sure they will be thrown away. I noticed that while we were there everyone else used the paper ballet.

We went down to Lorena for services tonight. I love preaching especially when the people seem eager to hear God's message. We stopped to eat some supper on our way home. Janie helped me with our taxes this evening. She sped things up quite a bit. I would guess that tomorrow I may be able to finish our taxes.

Thursday morning I plan to be at the church when the "Meals on Wheels" people move into our fellowship hall. We will head over to Henderson where I will spend my day off helping my in-law's get to Tyler for their appointments. Saturday we will be back in Hillsboro. The picture is of our grandkids playing together at my in-law's house. God bless you.

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