Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pollen Filter In, Thanks to Jason

We had a great ladies Bible study this morning. The usual crowd was there. Jason and Angie took the boys with them to Wal-Mart during the Bible Study. The ladies asked some very interesting questions and I love it when they do. It made for some real good discussion. I washed the car today and went by the post office. I mailed off our income tax and our 2010 census. Jason changed out the pollen filter on our car. It is a task most difficult but he got it done.

Janie and I went down to Lorena for services. They had two visitors in their services and I preached a sermon from Revelation chapter five. I really enjoy preaching the word of God.

Monday is my turn to preach at the nursing home. Tomorrow I plan to walk over to the church and get some study done. I have the bulletin ready for Sunday but not the sermon nor the Sunday School lesson. I should be able to complete both before time for our evening services. Thursday it is off to Henderson and Friday I will take off and take a day hike with my son. I am looking forward to that. The last time we hiked together was in Paris France.
The picture was taken of Jonathan when we stopped to eat on our way to take the grandkids home. God bless you.

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