Sunday, March 14, 2010

1 in 5

One person in 5 at our services today belonged to our family. Jason's family of 6, Stacie's 4 children, and Janie and I makes a total of 12. We had an attendance of about 58. I think some may have missed setting their clocks ahead. The services were good and we observed the Lord's supper tonight. The kids had questions for me about the Lord's supper and they were complicated questions with no easy answer. It would not be so bad if they would not ask "Why?" I end up having to say "Because the Bibles says so."
Our oldest daughter still has not gone into labor. We have their children and it makes for a chaotic house with eight kids. They are very well behaved children. I am so proud of them.
Jason and Angie are going to help us with our Easter choir special. Jason is very good at music and singing. He was picking on me tonight and I told him not to pick on his musically handicapped father.
My week is shaping up to be a busy one. I have the potential of attending two funerals and possibly helping in a third this week. I may walk over to the hospital and the nursing home in the morning for a visit. I may walk on over to the church office where I can get some work done without distraction. The picture is of Joshua, Ruth, and Hannah three of our grandchildren. God bless you.

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