Saturday, February 20, 2010

The New Earth

I worked this afternoon typing up the sermon I will preach in the morning. I went by the cleaners first and then the grocery store. The car needed washing so I took it through the automatic car wash. Janie has a cold and while she napped I typed. The new earth is going to be a wonderful place. The thought that there will be no more sea is intriguing to me. Can you imagine being able to walk around the world? I thought hiking the PCT from Mexico to Canada was something but to hike all the way around the world would really be something. We will have the rest of eternity to explore all of God's new creation. I also worked on Tribman this afternoon. It is exciting to meditate and contemplate on my final and ultimate destination.

Jason will be going to Brownwood, Texas in the morning and Angie and the kids will go to church with us. The picture was taken with my mother-in-law's cell phone. Janie and Angie were making supper. God bless you.

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