Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day One

Micah came over to me and asked how old I was to which I replied "56." He came back and asked me my favorite color to which I replied "blue." He return in a short while with this picture. He said it was of me and since I like blue he gave me a blue beard. I asked what was on my head and he said a hat and hair. He decided he had forgotten to draw my heart and grabbed the paper, departed and returned with it drawn in place.

The first full day with Jason and family was a good one. It started for me by waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking. I made my way to the kitchen to see that Angie had cooked sausage and biscuits. Angie and the kids had gotten up early and seemed full of energy. Jason and I cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast. Justin and Sarah also stayed the night and they had fun playing with the kids. I am thrilled that Justin and Sarah have been here and will be going to church with us tomorrow. Jason and Sarah are going to sing a special at church in the morning.

We went over to the church for a youth fellowship. We had a little over 30 show up and it was a big success. The kids all had fun and lots to eat. We got home and Janie and I enjoyed a quiet evening with the grandkids while Justin, Sarah, Jason, and Angie went out to eat. I really enjoyed being able to eat supper with the kids and Janie. We put on a movie of the kids choosing and then put the boys to bed.

We watched a hunting video this afternoon and the boys were really impressed. They played hunting after the movie was over. The boys wanted me to make a hunting video with them so we did and I have attached it below. The pictures are ones I have taken of our day today. Jason will be preaching tomorrow and I am looking forward to that. Enjoy the pictures, God bless you.

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