Wednesday, May 18, 2011


An all too familiar scene, Janie and me on the road
Out of bed.
Groceries bought.
Off to work.
Lesson taught. 
Sermon finished.
French spoken.
Sermon done.
Laziness broken. 
Sermon done.
Cadintosh learned.
Blogg complete.
Rest earned.
There were seven merry hearts in my class tonight.  The message helped them to be so.  Micah chapter 4 will do that to a child of God.  The cares of this world left the room, chased away by God's Holy word.  Where two or three are gathered in His name, He will always be there.  There were hungry hearts there tonight, longing to be fed.  Those hearts did not leave disappointed.  Truth be known, our hearts but snacked upon a small morsel found in the midst of a container full of spiritual food.
Tomorrow the car will drink much fuel,  the dentist office will chew up a bit of cash, legs will burn lots of calories on a long walk, and a beloved MacBook Pro will consume much information.  God bless you.

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