Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Smile

A smile, it costs you nothing
For your face tis good.
For when you are a smiling,
doing as you should,
Encouraging another
Bringing joy and cheer.
And with each smile my brother,
And my sister dear,
You a ray of sunshine bring
On ones cloudy day,
For Jesus wants us to sing
Share His joy for aye.

Janie and I out for a walk, she took lots of pictures.
The next 5 church bulletins are composed leaving 8 more to get done before Janie and I leave for the ABA messenger meeting in June.  The poem above is one I wrote for next Sunday's bulletin.  This work, the 8 bulletins, along with preparing 33 sermons must be finished in the next 3 weeks.  The Devil will have no workshop here.  The reason for the deadline is due to the fact that we will be keeping 5 grandkids for 3 weeks.  This will require all hands on deck and leave little time for other work.
Our attendance was up and we had good services.  There was a lot of people interested in the summer mission trip to help the people in the tornado ravaged region of Alabama.  Our church is collecting supplies and a group from our church will go to deliver them and to help with the clean up.  I am so pleased as pastor to have people so willing to volunteer to help others in need.  God bless you.

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