Friday, April 20, 2012

Called on the Count of Rain

The flowers at the cottage sure have enjoyed and prospered with the rain we have had this spring.
I had to stop working on my thesis because of a thunderstorm so I thought I might blog. The thesis is at 44,500 words right now and I have officially sited 35 sources. I have 80 to site in all for the minimum requirement. I had hoped to make better progress than I have this week but I was sick Monday whereby I lost my lunch. I spent the day in bed mostly with a migraine headache. Tuesday we came to Henderson but I got very little done on the thesis. Wednesday was the best and Thursday rivaled it. Today the storm arrived and I had to unplug everything so as to avoid damage to my computer. I am posting this blog with my IPhone which is safe from the storm. God bless you.

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Location:Van Buren St,Henderson,United States

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