Monday, November 5, 2012

Time Change

The roof and siding have worked! No leaks!
The ending and beginning of day light savings time seems to cause a problem.  The mind and body seem to have trouble adjusting to laying down and rising one hour differently. Such a small change in time should really be no big deal.  But the body and mind had trouble going to bed an hour early and sleeping an hour later.  This sort of mini jet lag should end by tonight.
This picture makes me want to get Janie a cat.
The day began before sun up with the composing of the church bulletin.  With that task done a phone call from Sarah was a refreshing break.  The phone was passed to Janie and then it was back to the computer to get some more work done.  The sermon text for Sunday is established and a new sermon is in the works from Psalm 30.  Work on a special project that has been underway for several days now is finished.  The detailed journal of the hike with Steve on the PCT is off to a good start.  Some pictures still need to be gathered for that project.  Steve has a lot of pictures that will help make the journal more interesting.  Mowed the yard today, a thing it has been needing for weeks now.  The floor of the shower is hard to scrub but it sure is good exercise.  Went to Braum's for a scoop of eggnog ice cream.  It has been a good day.
Tomorrow is election day and though we have already voted we will watch the news with great anticipation.  We have an outreach program for college students on Tuesday nights and it usually finishes by 7:00 so after that we will start our election day TV marathon.  God bless you.

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