Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Fall colors at the church Tuesday this week
Scrivener is basically a book writing software.  I am using it to help me write my book on the Song of Songs.  I like the way it helps to organize things.  It can output the resulting work to e-books or Kindle as well as any format used or required by major publishers.  I spent about 5 hours today on that project.  I am also going to use it for the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas minute book.  I plan to produce a Kindle and e-book version of the minute book.  I worked on that project for a couple of hours today. The rest of my work time was spent on Revelation chapter six for our two Wednesday night classes.  We elected to move our 5:00 class to 4:30 just to be sure that everyone can get home before dark. Both classes today were well attended though 2 couples were out.
Our speaker for the evening at Taco Tuesday, outstanding!
A young lady who plans to start college in January here in Hillsboro has been attending our church's Taco Tuesday college outreach program very faithfully.  She is autistic and gave a speech to the group about her life dealing with being on the spectrum.  It was outstanding and very moving.  She showed a clip from a movie which I had never heard of called "Temple Grandin."  I have ordered the movie and am looking forward to seeing it. 
My mother called me yesterday and seemed to be in such good spirits.  She had made a baby blanket and wanted us to give it to one of our grandbabies.  We plan to go by and see her tomorrow or maybe Friday.  It is always good to hear her sounding happy and upbeat.  God bless you.

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