Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Members, Wonderful Day

At the Cross in Groom, Texas
7:00 put tie on, eat banana, read over the sermon text.
8:00 go to hospital, visit 2 there and pray with them
8:30 deliver a radio to a shut in so she can hear the service.
9:15 go to church
10:00 teach the Sunday School lesson
11:00 sing with all your might and feel your heart fill with joy.
11:25 preach the sermon that has caused you to feel like you are about to burst.
12:10 Call for a motion to accept 2 new members who have 3 young children.
1:15 take a nap
2:45 leave for the nursing home service
3:00 lead the singing and preach a sermon.
4:00 review the lesson for the evening service
5:15 return to the church
6:15 teach a much needed and well received lesson.
7:15 choir practice and learn a new song with some much needed help
8:30 take the tie off and get to work on the sermon for the Monday nursing home service
9:45 say yes to a wedding ceremony request
10:00 blog
10:45 head for bed.

It has been a long and wonderful day.
God bless you.

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