Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sunset over Jim Taylor's grave
The bird was perched upon a limb just outside the kitchen window.  It was making beautiful sounds.  What a way for God to start ones day.  Just listen to that wonderful sound.  It is such sweet music to the ear.  This is going to be a great day! Wow what a God we have. 
Breakfast was simple, just a piece of toast and a cold glass of water.  Reflection came next.  Thoughts of Saturday came.  It was a beautiful day.  It found a woman, whose 64 year marriage had ended as vowed, with her daughters, family and friends.  They sat in a green three sided tent while words of comfort were spoken by a pastor.  They would later return to the spot and find piled neatly the flowers which had so lovingly been sent to honor the passing of one so dear.   The sunset was absolutely stunning but went unsung overshadowed by grief and solemnity. 
One last goodbye
The present returned pushing aside reflection.  There is a sermon that needs to be reviewed but first there must occur a one sided conversation between the created and the creator.  That done and sermon reviewed its time for worship.  An unusually small crowd assembles to praise their God.  The sermon, earnest; The prayers, sincere; The music, joyful; A great day was completed.  A couple sits together, vows in tact for 37 years, hold hands and pray together.  Supper is eaten and a movie is watched before work and blogging separates the couple for a time, though they be in the same room.  Like the night before Christmas the house is full of joyful anticipation.  Grandkids are coming, grandkids are coming. God bless you.  

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