Friday, February 4, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

My mother-in-law's front yard this morning
As I blog here at my mother-in-law's house in Henderson it is snowing outside.  There is about an inch of snow on the ground now and it looks like the snow is tapering off just a little.  On Wednesday I went to town and had 2 new tires put on the car making it now have four new tires.  I did some shopping while in town and then returned to the house. 
Janie working in her mother's closet
Thursday I went to visit with my mother and enjoyed that very much.  She is doing very well. We had hot tea, cookies, and a good visit.  She is making a baby blanket for Sarah's baby.  I got back to the house in time to take Janie and her mother to town.  We went by the funeral home to pay the bill there and then off to the beauty shop.  I dropped them off there and went on into Tyler to get a prescription.  I returned to the beauty shop where they were just about finished.  I read some more "Hamlet" while they finished up. 
We returned to Henderson where we had several more stops to make before heading back to the house.  (I just looked up and it is snowing hard again).  We will stay in today and enjoy the warm house and I doubt seriously that we will go out and make snow angels. God bless you. 

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