Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stacked Feet

Our grandson, Elijah, playing at our house Wednesday
Small things often puzzle me.  Things that seem unimportant and unremarkable often occupy my mind.  Take my feet for example.  I am not sure whether it is love or hate that causes them to want to be stacked on upon the other.  When I lie down at night I generally have a number of things on my mind and these fade into unrelated dreams as I drift off to sleep.  The last conscious thing I notice is my feet.  I am a side sleeper and somehow my feet stack one on top of the other.  This causes the lower foot discomfort over time.  I unstack them and then drift off to sleep.  During the night I awake to switch sides and in that brief moment my feet stack again and remain until the lower foot complains.  It would seem, like water seeking the path of least resistance, that my feet would not pile up on each other but would rather take the less painful course.
Janie and her mother Thursday night
The Grandkids and Stacie left on Thursday and we headed to Henderson.  I met with a man in Center, Texas while Janie went with her mother.  The meeting went well and we got back to the house at the same time.  Janie has been working on paper work for her mother and I have taken care of some odd jobs my mother-in-law needed done.  My part is finished and we are about to head back to Hillsboro.  It will be good to get back into a regular routine whatever that may be.  I will be preaching from Isaiah chapter 64 Sunday morning and I worked on that sermon this morning.  I have a church member in the hospital in Hillsboro and will need to visit there when I get back into town.  God bless you.

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