Monday, February 14, 2011


Stella Williams and me
High Places
The year was 1911 when Eugene Ely landed the first airplane on a ship at sea.  That same year Stella was born.  Janie and I attended her one hundredth birthday party today.  The first time we visited in her home she told me she loved the book of John.  I began to preach through the book of John and she was there for most of that series of 116 sermons.  Those she did not hear in person she heard over the radio.  This morning Janie and I went to the emergency room to be there for one of our church members who has fallen ill.  He was born in 1917.  That makes me feel so young. 
We had good services on Sunday and after the evening services we had choir practice.  We are working on a song for Easter.  While we were practicing one of our deacons brought in a scaffold and climbed to the top.  He took a measurement from the floor to the ceiling and it was 28 feet to the bottom of the main house speaker and another 2 feet to the peak.  That scaffold might as well have been mount Everest as far as I am concerned.  I am glad someone is brave enough to even consider replacing that speaker.  If it were left up to me that speaker would hang there until the LORD's return.  It needs to be replaced and I am glad someone is brave enough to attempt it.  God bless you.

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