Friday, January 15, 2010

Two Walks and A Bicycle

I ended up taking two walks today and a stationary bicycle ride. I took my mother-in-law to her hairdresser appointment while Janie stayed with her dad and there was a stationary bicycle exercise device there so I gave it a try. I also took a walk down to the lake that is just over a half mile from the hairdresser's shop. The picture is one I took with my cell phone of me by the lake. Two or three years ago we had a severe drought and this lake completely dried up. There was a field of grass growing where you see the water in the picture. The second walk I took this afternoon down the road on which my in-laws live. Janie needed a nap so while she napped I walked. This second picture is of Janie working on Internet orders for Sullivan Supply. Business has been real good lately so she has had to put in a lot of time. She does these on the couch instead of the dinning room table so she can keep her dad company.

We are expecting our daughter Stacie and her kids to be here this evening. They are coming for a quick visit and to install a lock on their camper trailer. There have been some kids playing in the trailer and she was afraid they might get hurt. It will be good to see them and they should be here in an hour or so.
This last picture is of my mother-in-law's motorized chair waiting for her to return. I am going to do get some work done before the kids arrive so had better get to it. God bless you.

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