Monday, January 18, 2010

Number 10

The news I received and withheld is this: Jason and Angie are expecting their fifth child in September. Jason announced this on his blog so I figure it is okay for me to let the news out now. We are excited for them and anxious to see the new arrival. This will, of course, mean a trip to France for Janie and me in September. We are starting to save for this trip now. It will take about $2000.00.
Now maybe you can suggest where will I put the pictures of our two newest grandkids. The picture is of a frame we have on our dinning room wall. We could take Stacie and Scott's picture out for Elijah, their newest, and Jason and Angie's picture out for their newest. We could remove our picture and Sarah and Justin's picture then purchase another of these frames for our pictures and any future grandkids with which God may bless us. Suggestions are welcomed just leave me a comment.
I went to the nursing home this morning and had good services and visit there. I had a counseling session afterward and then returned home to work on the next Episode of Tribman and got it and the bulletin for Sunday done. Ladies Bible study will be in the morning and tomorrow night we will have services with the church down in Lorena.

The Sermon for Sunday will be about the Great White Throne judgment which will finish up chapter 20 of Revelation. Chapter 21 won't be too difficult but Chapter 22 will be tough. The Thesis is back on track and Wednesday I will make some serious progress on it, Lord willing.
Looking forward to your comments, God bless you.

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