Friday, January 22, 2010


This morning I took my mother-in-law to her hair dresser appointment (pictured). Janie met us there later and after I got my mother-in-law back in the car I headed to the hospice center to see Bro. Davis (pictured below). He was doing better there than he was at home. There were four visitors in the room when I arrived and two of those left when two others arrived. I stayed for a while and then after praying with him I left to return to Henderson.

My mother's DVD was not working so I stopped by her house to fix it. The cables were not plugged into the right spot on the TV so after moving them it worked just fine. Mother was doing some carpentry work when I arrived. She wanted to underpin her back porch to keep animals from getting under it. She was almost through having just one spot about two foot square left to cover. She has taken her "Bear" blanket to the hospital with some others and given it away. Though Jean, Janie, Paul, Ralph, and Denise asked her not to she had it in her mind to give it away so she did.

We have to rise early in the morning to go to the district ladies auxiliary meeting. I have a funeral service Monday so it looks like next week is going to be a busy one. God bless you.

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