Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I have preached many funerals in my short 16 years of preaching, about 12 a year. There is a word that I have been miss pronouncing "interment." I have been saying "internment." There is significant difference between the two words so from now on its "interment" and not "internment." I will leave it to the reader to find out this difference.

Bro. Davis was much weaker today than yesterday. He is going down fast. Bro. and Sister Davis do not need a lot of company right now but they do need a lot of prayers. I do not expect him to make it to the end of the week based on how rapidly his health is deteriorating. Janie and I went by to see him just briefly this afternoon and left a rough draft of the brochure she wants to be handed out at his funeral. We returned to Hillsboro for our evening services and they went very well. We are now back in Henderson and I wanted to blog before heading for bed.

I had a bad headache today so Janie drove part of the way back to Hillsboro while I slept. I was shocked when I woke up from what seemed like just a few minutes of sleep to see that she had been driving for an hour. I had no idea I was that tired. I took over and drove the last 40 miles into Hillsboro. I felt fine after that nap, headache gone and all was well. I want to work on Sunday's sermon in the morning and the Sunday School lesson also. Friday will be thesis day and Sunday night's sermon. I have been working for months on a sermon for Bro. Davis' funeral. It is starting to take shape. I plan to type it out completely, though the delivery will be only sightly like the typed copy. Janie is working on orders and I am headed for bed. The picture is of my father's place of "interment." My father in the ministry will soon be going to his. God bless you.

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