Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ladies meeting

Most often it is I that stands behind the pulpit and Janie that sits in the pew. But every now and then the roles are reversed. These pictures were taken at the district Ladies Auxiliary meeting which we attended today. Janie is the president and moderates the meeting. The sermon that Bro. Dawson, pastor of Westview Baptist Church, brought today was outstanding taken from Romans chapter 16. They served soup and sandwiches afterward and that too was wonderful. After getting back to the house I worked on Tribman and have it ready for Janie to proof read.

We talked with Jason and Angie on Skype and they are doing well. They had four people to come to the Bible study on Thursday so they are off to a great start. We are so looking forward to their arrival back in the States. They told us not to buy any groceries before they come. They want to go to the store first thing when they get here and buy all their favorites and cook their favorite meals which they miss so. They will be here on February 12th.

Tomorrow, church. Monday, funeral. Tuesday, study. Wednesday, thesis. Thursday, Davis. Friday, parents. Saturday, Sunday. Going to be a busy week. God bless you.

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