Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Bro. Brooks, the president of the Seminary, was in his office when I arrived. He helped me look through old issues of the Baptist Monitor for an article about Bro. Davis' retirement. It turns out there was not one about his retirement from the school but there was one about his retirement from pastoring. It was good to visit with Bro. Brooks. His mind is still very sharp. I had left Janie in the car working on her orders on the laptop. We are blessed that she can make $8.00 an hour while traveling around with me.

Bro. Davis was sleeping when we arrived. He is on morphine constantly now. He opened his eyes and said "Bro. Paul" to which I replied "My father, My father, the chariot of Israel and the horseman thereof." It is a quote from the Bible. The king of Israel, Joash, went to see the great prophet Elisha as he lay on his death bed and cried over Elisha and said those, perhaps not so famous, words. We left after an hour and returned to my in-law's house. Janie and I took a very long walk together. I love taking long walks with her, I love her so. When we got back I worked on the bulletin for Sunday and got that done. Just a few minutes ago my daughter called. She had just been in to see Bro. Davis and he was doing about the same as when we were there. He opened his eyes and said her name.

Janie and her mother are cooking supper and it smells really good!! The pictures are of our walk this afternoon. God bless you.

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