Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It started with me putting my tie on at 8:00 AM and I took my tie off at 9:00 PM. I did manage to get in about a three mile walk and read the book of Romans today. The ladies Bible study was great and the service tonight I really enjoyed. I preached a sermon entitled "Why Church." I may do this sermon as a series at my church this summer.

Janie and I splurged for supper tonight by getting a salad at McDonald's. It was good and we ate it while watching the news. Janie is working now while I was getting an article ready to send off to the Baptist Monitor. I also needed to email some files to the Secretary/Treasurer of the MBA of Texas. That is all done now so when I finish this blog I will write a couple of thank you notes then head for bed. The church down in Hewitt gave us a very generous Christmas love offering. One of the ladies, Johnnie, gave us some homemade bread and homemade sweet rolls. She showed us a doll that she made that was amazing. It is a triple doll. First it was Little Red Riding Hood and then when you flip it over and invert the dress it is Little Red's grandmother. When you flip her bonnet over the face on the back side of her head is the wolf in Granny's clothes. I will have to see if I can get a picture of it. It was amazing. Three dolls in one. I had heard of double dolls before but this was a new twist.

There is a cat that belongs to our neighbor that hangs around our yard. Our granddaughter, Hannah, has named it "Rowbill." I do not know how she came up with that name. My daughter has asked me to speak to the home school boy scout group to which my grandson belongs. I am going to take my hiking gear and do a little show and tell about hiking. I am going to show them how to make an alcohol stove out of two soda pop can bottoms. I am looking forward to it. She tells me there are 15 boys in the group.

I am going to plan a hike somewhere soon. I need the exercise and a day like today would have been perfect hiking weather. I have not played a round of golf in a very long time so this spring I am thinking about taking Janie over to the golf course and let her drive me around while I hit then search for golf balls. Here I am talking about recreation when I have tons of work to do. Janie asked if I had plans for vacation this year and I do not. I am not sure I will even take one. If I do it will probably involve spending time with grandkids. Well I better get those thank you notes done and ready to mail. The first picture is of my mother's apple pie, not exactly a deep dish pie but very good. The second picture is of the stool that my mother uses when sitting at the table. Her legs are too short to reach the floor so dad made her this stool. God bless you.

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