Thursday, January 14, 2010

That Fixed That

I made some repairs here at my father-in-law's house this morning. The bathroom door hinge and come loose and the screws holes were stripped out. I moved the hinge up about a 1/2 inch and that fixed that. The threshold to the door between the kitchen and the hall was loose and sticking up so I put screws in it an that fixed that. You can see both in this picture.

My brother-in-law took my father-in-law to get a massage this morning and Janie took her mother this afternoon to the doctor's office for a check up. I talked to Janie just a bit ago and they are at the Lazy Boy recliner store in Tyler and are buying a lift type recliner with massage and heat built into it. Hopefully they deliver.

Since Janie went with her mother I had the house to myself for a while and worked on my thesis. I have started a "note" file where I make notes about my research. I will keep this file as a record of my research work. I did not have the books I needed to do translation so I did reading instead. I found some more sources on the Song of Songs and made not of those. I closed my research work today by reading the Song of Songs. If time permits I will end every research session that way.

I am reading the Bible through in reverse order this year. I have read all the books of the New Testament with the exception of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. At the rate I am going I will finish the New Testament next by the end of January.

I am going to go for a walk before it gets dark outside. I am doing my best to exercise everyday including my 25 push ups. God bless you.

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