Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

My two brothers and my oldest sister along with my mother went to put flowers on my father's grave today.  I would have loved to be there with them but I preached at the nursing home this morning.  I did a Memorial day sermon for them and it was a good time.  Janie and I took a rather long break from work today and watched a couple of Christian movies.  I had to fight back guilt which whelms me when I am not working.  I could not fight it back completely for during the movies I did get the church bulletin done for Sunday.  I also started work on a new sermon and then set it aside for later study.  I chose a text for Sunday's sermon and have that sermon ready to go except for immersing it in prayer and meditation.  I am thinking about going to the church here in a bit to get something from my office and then over to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. We are going to need to get ready for our trip to West Virginia which is but 3 weeks away.  Tomorrow after Bible study I plan to read and make out some more note cards for my thesis. I am going to pick out the songs for Sunday and email them to our backup song leader so that if he is able to lead Sunday he can use them and if not I will lead them. I wanted to blog first.   
I was dreading the trip to the ABA meeting but now I am looking forward to it.  I just needed an attitude adjustment.  The sermon for Sunday is about attitude.  When we travel to these meetings we usually bring food with us and eat most of our meals in our room.  In 2008 we took a microwave with us to use in the room.  It saves a lot of money plus we enjoy not standing in long lines because 2000 people all turn out for lunch or supper at the same time.  We also man the booth in the exhibit hall for Jason and so meals have to be quick.  I expect to get 50 mpg on the trip and that will also keep the cost down.  The room is the big expense at nearly $100.00 a night for 6 nights.  There was a time I would have saved 1 night and just drove strait through on the way home.  I am too wise (or too old) to try that now.  Well its off to pick out the songs for Sunday.  The picture is of a picture of Janie's grandmother Annie (Gentry) Jones who died of complications from diabetes at the age of 67. They say she sure could cook. God bless you.

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