Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is Hewitt Texas

I spent most of today reading.  I finished one book on the Song of Songs and started another. Meanwhile, Janie was working at her computer when the silence of our living room was broken by her voice saying "This is Hewitt Texas" then the silence returned.  What she said made perfect sense to me and I completely understood the remark. It needed no response from me. 

I am studying the Song of Songs which is Solomon's.  The book is difficult to understand and interpret. Some believe that the Song of Songs is locked and mankind has lost the key.  Some believe that we can not know what it means with any certainty. When you read it, though you know all the words, you still don't understand what it means.  You might not understand what Janie meant by "This is Hewitt Texas." You have the tools you need to find out.  You can call me or Janie and find out. You can email me or Janie and ask and we will tell you.  You can comment on this blog and ask and I will explain it to you.  You have the tools to rightly interpret Janie's meaning of  "This is Hewitt Texas." 

I believe that the LORD did not give to us a book and have its copies survive some 3000 years and yet deprive us of the tools to study and rightly divide that we might understand it. I do not believe that we have lost the key to unlock the Song of Songs. The key is the same that unlocks any sacred writ. Prayer, leadership of the Holy Spirit, proper reasoning and logic, knowledge of context, of culture, of customs, of true history, of language, and of literary types, just to name a few, are the tools we need to unlock the meaning of this book.  Many preachers ignore this book because of the time and energy required to unlock its meaning.  They say it is just not worth the effort.  They have 65 other books to deal with and this one is a very small one, relatively speaking. I have confirmed one thing in my studies thus far: This is the most difficult book in the entire Bible by far. 

Janie's father fell today and they had to call 911 to get some help getting him up.  He did not break anything and is doing ok.  He will be going to the dentist tomorrow to see about his sore mouth.  He is not eating much at all.  He will go to see his cancer doctor and to get a cancer treatment on Friday.  Janie will take him and I will take her mother to the beauty shop or vice versa.  We hope to see sister Davis sometime during this trip, Lord willing.  The picture is of the book I started reading today.  God bless you.

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