Wednesday, May 12, 2010


1998 was a good year. I was only 43 years old and my oldest daughter was already married and my son married in August of that year. 1998 is also what it is going to cost Janie and I to fly over to France to see our new granddaughter. We are hopeful that the Icelandic volcano will not cause us problems going or returning.

I worked on the website today. I put up a new form for camp registration. The other one was not spam proof but this one is. I like it better because it will email back the person who filled it out so that they have a confirmation that it was received. I am going to put a similar form for churches to fill out on the MBA of Texas link from Baptistville. It will allow them to fill out their church letter online and save them a stamp. I am going to encourage its use at the next MBA of Texas meeting.

We have enjoyed having mother here. She seems to have enjoyed her stay. We are going to take her home in the morning. We will return to Hillsboro on Saturday stopping by Tyler to see Sister Davis if we can and then go by the plant farm to let Janie spend her gift certificate on some flowers. The picture is of the puzzle we have been working on for the past 2 days. God bless you.

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