Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Proud Parent

We had a Bible day today.  We started with a Bible study with the ladies which went long.  We did not finish up until 11:40 whereas we are normally through by 11:00.  The ladies had lots of questions and excellent discussion.  I am thinking we should add a song or two to add some praise.
We went to the hospital in Whitney for the first time since I have lived here in Hillsboro.  It is a tiny hospital and very cozy.  We entered by way of the emergency room and the lady at the desk took us right to the room. Afterward we went down to Lorena for church services and that went long as well.  We normally leave by 7:10 or so but this time it was 7:45.  We are back home now and I plan to work on the Sermon for Sunday before heading for bed. My son sent me the bulletin for this Sunday and I added my part to it.  I have that emailed in and ready to go.  My son did an excellent job on his part. 

I don't know that I say this enough but I am very proud of my son.  It is the desire of every father that his son surpass him and mine truly has.  He is smart, hard working, Godly, and skillful with his hands.  He can fix most anything including computers. He also picked a very good wife who has been a blessing to him and she is a good mother and a Godly woman.
I am also proud of my daughter Stacie.  Stacie has turned out to be a fantastic mother, teacher, writer, Godly, smart, and tough.  She had an 11 pound 4oz baby with no med's at all and that is tough. I am as proud of her as I can be.  She has a wonderful Godly husband who is smart, patient, and a great father.

I am proud of Sarah. Sarah is also very smart and loves animals.  She is deep thinker and is also tough, just ask chicken snakes.  She is very good with computers and is perhaps the fastest typest that I know. She has a Godly husband who is amazingly skillful with his hands and a very hard worker who has forgotten more about carpentry and mechanical things than I ever knew.  My children have made me proud and I thank God for them.  God bless you.

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