Thursday, May 6, 2010


Ambiguity (uncertainty of meaning) is a word that I use a lot in connection with the Song of Songs which is Solomon's. When I read "The Song", as I have come to call it, It does not seem to get any less ambiguous (having several possible meanings; difficult to comprehend, distinguish or classify). There was once a time when Jesus' disciples were hearing Him teach in parables and they had no idea what He was talking about. They approached him later after the crowds were gone and expressed their frustration over His ambiguous discourse. He gave them a very unambiguous answer. He thoroughly explained the meaning to them. I would like it very much if I could ask the LORD to tell me in the simplest of terms and using the simplest of words exactly what it is that this book is trying to tell me. I am convinced that it is the most difficult text of the entire Bible. Actually that is why a chose it for my doctoral thesis. If I can clear it up, that is to make it less ambiguous, I will be satisfied with my work having a most rewarding sense of accomplishment. The journey to understanding "The Song" will be one worth writing about. I expect to make many wrong turns on this journey and, due to errors, waste much time. I will chronicle these and set forth for the next traveler a map of how to get over and around mount ambiguity.

Today was the national day of prayer. We had a better than expected attendance at our service tonight. We had originally planned to head for Henderson tonight but will go in the morning instead. Janie's sister is coming in for a visit and will take her mother to the hair dresser in the morning. Janie and I will take her dad to the doctor tomorrow. I am afraid that he will not be able to get out of our small car since he has had a lot of difficulty getting up from a sitting position. I may have to take him by myself in his pickup truck. Saturday morning we will go by and get my mother and bring her to Hillsboro. We are looking forward to her visit.

The mother's day sermon is ready to go and it is anything but ambiguous. I have not studied the Sunday School lesson yet but should get that done tomorrow. The picture is of a flower next to my mother's front porch. God bless you.

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