Friday, May 14, 2010


I went over to Janie's Uncle Trenton this morning and had a good visit. I had to be careful on his narrow winding road not have a head on with an on coming car. The last two times I have been to his house I have met a car coming from the other direction. I went downtown to get a filter for his a/c. They did not have the size he needed so I bought one that was the right width but 1 inch too long and cut it down to size. We went back over to his house this evening and installed it and it fit like a glove. Janie had not seen him in a while so we stayed for a short visit. He is still pretty sharp. I tried to get away without him paying me for the filter but he was not having it.

I went by to check on my mother and when I pulled up to her house I could see she had been painting her shed. She is painting it red. I went in and found her napping. She had just come in to eat some lunch and take a rest. She had painted the back side of the shed and wanted me to see what she had done. She had gotten out the extension ladder and painted all the way up the the eave of the roof a distance from the ground of about 12 feet. She was going to wait until late this evening to paint some more. She seems happy and just loves working so I say let her go. I advised her to be careful and not endanger her life from heat stroke or a fall. She says she is taking it easy. I will take a picture of the shed after it is painted and post it here.

Our plans for Saturday have changed completely. We were going to go by and see Sister Davis and visit the plant farm but now we have a funeral to attend. The lady who died was a classmate of my mother-in-law and she was the mother-in-law to a lady with whom Janie worked for several years. Janie's mother wants to go to the funeral as well so we plan to take her with us. We did not bring any dress clothes with us so I went by Wal-mart tonight and picked up some dress clothes but Janie could not find anything suitable for her. She will try some other stores in the morning. We could have driven back to Hillsboro tonight and then back the Henderson in the morning but thought it better just to try to find some clothes here.

Janie and I took a walk this afternoon. It has been over a week since I walked last. I need to make walking a higher priority. I just did not want to be rude to my mother by leaving her sitting in our living room idle while I went out for a walk. I took this picture of a plant called Bull Neddle. If you have never touched this plant you do not know what you are missing. It stings and burns an causes swelling. When you go walking in Texas you want to be careful not to touch this plant. God bless you.

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