Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where have you been?

I have not blogged in a couple of days so you might well ask "Where have you been?" Sunday was a busy day. Our services were good and well attended. I spent the afternoon working and after the evening services I worked some more. I just had some things I needed to get done. Monday I spent working on my thesis. I am reading a really good book on the Song of Songs. It is so good in fact that if plagiarism was not a bad thing I would cut and paste most of it for mine. I do not agree with everything he has written so my book, he said arrogantly, will be better. Monday afternoon I had a headache and just felt bad so I took a short nap then went back and took a longer one. I went to bed about 7:30 and got up this morning at 6:15. After burning the candle at both ends you have to drop it every now and then. So I am rested now and back to work. So that's where I have been.

This afternoon we are going to make a trip to Waco to see about picking up Mother's Day gifts to give to the mother's at church this Sunday. I also need to pick up my mother a gift and Janie needs to get her mother one as well. I am not sure how many mother's day gifts I have given to Janie but I think it is not many. I bought her one this year. Those years where I did not get her anything I would answer my children's objections with "She's not MY mother." Would it be okay to say that of all the mothers I know she is my favorite?

Tonight I plan to spend on my thesis. I hope to finish this book this week. I need to move on to the 60, or so, others I have to read. I must read at least 5 books a month to stay on schedule. I do not plan on preaching through any books of the Bible this coming year but will instead preach texts that I have already researched saving me a lot of time on weekly sermon preparation. I will preach some of the ones that I preached during the seven years I pastored at Gum Springs. Well I need to do lunch. The first picture is of Janie doing one of her favorite things. The second is of flowers we saw while out for a walk with the grandkids. The red is Texas Buckeye and the yellow white is Honeysuckle. Stacie and I introduced her girls to eating Honeysuckle nectar. God bless you.

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