Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tickets booked

We booked our tickets for France. We leave out of DFW and fly to Frankfurt, Germany and changing planes we fly to Barcelona, Spain. It seems odd to fly to the far side of France and then to the near side. It is a three hour drive from the Barcelona airport to our son's house in Magrie, France. We are very excited about going and will love being there for the birth of our tenth grandchild.

We got mother back to her house safe and sound. I sprayed the house for bugs per her request and Janie turned the ring volume up on her phone, seems she is having trouble hearing it ring. She got rid of her answering machine saying she never used it. We headed over to Janie's parents and Janie worked on orders while I took a long nap. Her dad is still not eating much but is better. He was asleep in his chair when we arrived and Janie woke him to say hello. It seems like he is sleeping a lot lately. Janie's mother was in the process of making a casserole when we arrived and we had that for supper. It was really good. She sure can cook. She bought some new cookware which indicates she plans to keep on cooking.

Tomorrow morning I will go visit with Janie's uncle, Trenton. I am going to see about getting him a new cell phone. His old one went for a swim. I plan to call sister Davis Saturday morning and go by and see her. The picture is of our 9th grandchild, Elijah. God bless you.

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