Saturday, May 22, 2010

Warp Speed

Janie and I painted the bunk bed finishing up about 1:00 Saturday morning. I got up late and spent the morning reviewing the sermon for Sunday.  Janie attempted to mow her parents yard but ran into some technical difficulty.  One of the blades bent and since both blades were in bad shape they had to be replaced.  I took her into town to buy new ones.  The effort to replace them was unsuccessful.  It is going to take some extra work and effort to replace the blades, a job I will have to undertake on the next trip. Not being able to fix the lawn mower it was off to deliver and setup the bunk bed. As you can see from the picture that task was accomplished successfully. 
We went over to my mother's and fixed the light.  It was not a complicated fix.  The picture is of mother's painted barn of which she is very proud.  Janie drove us home while I slept in the car. It usually takes three hours to travel from Henderson to Hillsboro but when you fall to sleep during the journey it is like Star Trek's warp speed you get there in a matter of minutes or at least is seems that way. 
I will head for bed now and get up early for prayer and mediation.  I expect good services tomorrow and a good VBS meeting afterward.  God bless you.

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